8 Frosty Bookstagram Accounts to Give You The Perfect Winter Feels

Winter is finally here, ladies and gents and what better way to get in the mood for it than to follow such bookish accounts on Instagram that give you the perfect winter feels.

These are some of my favorite bookstagram accounts as well so be sure to have a look at their amazing shots. So here they all are, in no particular order:

Firstly, starting off with Franziska’s account booksandpeonies.

Then, we have Ela’s bookstagram elathebookworm.

Clara’s account coming up next and you guys, this girl is such a sweetheart. thebookwormofnotredame.

Next up we have Kath’s bookstagram called she.turns.pages.

Following up, its Danielle’s account’s turn, deckledpages.

And then, we have anielskiezycie‘s gorgeously cozy account.

After that, it’s polly.florence bookstagram, which still has a fall-ish vibe to it, but that’s slowly merging together with the frostiness of winter.

And lastly, but certainly not least, we have The Mother of Dragons, herself! alice_stormborn, whose account even has the Christmas-y hints to it.

And thats it, I hope that you liked all of them and don’t forget to bundle up and stay warm for winter.


It Only Happens In The Movies [Book Review]

‘IT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE MOVIES’ a novel by Holly Bourne

Judging from the title, I was expecting a light YA read and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book blew me away and I just so happened to read it at the right time. I feel like this was exactly the kind of thing I needed because I was going through an emotional struggle as well.

This book follows our main character Audrey who’s suffering from the after effects of a breakup. As fate would have it, she meets a guy called Harry at her work place and he has all the charming qualities of a fuckboy. Excuse my language but that is the perfect way to describe him.

We’ve all heard stories of the legendary bad boy turning good and movies following similar plots are our guilty pleasures because it’s almost every girl’s ultimate fantasy. To be special for that one guy, to have him tell you that you’re “different” from the rest.

Well, as the title has it, it only ever does happen in the movies. And I love the fact that this book does well to portray that. It shows that love isn’t always happy and easy and rainbows all around. It’s also hard, it’s a struggle, an internal fight, love is also dull and grey and sad at times. Love isn’t like how it’s portrayed in the movies, because the movies only show us the easy part. The falling in love part.

But you know what the difficult part is?

Staying in love. Staying with one person for the rest of your life and there’ll be moments where you’ll waver, where you’ll get bored and question your relationship, where your partner and you will lose that certain “spark” that was there in the beginning. And you’ll start to think: Is this all?

That’s the difficult part, the part that the movies chose not to show. That’s the sad reality of love and this book explores that part.

The part where you fall out of love with someone and you look at them and suddenly realize that you feel nothing and that crushes you because it wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Was it?

That’s not how it is in the movies. There’s always a happily-ever-after and a kiss to seal to deal. So why is reality not like anything in the movies?

I’m telling you guys this book is amazing and it took me by surprise – partly, because I wasn’t expecting too much depth from it but it has all that. It asks the questions that some people are afraid to ask, dwells upon those grey topics that couples avoid.

The author, Holly Bourne has done a fantastic job and I would recommend this book to every hopeless romantic out there, to anyone who’s ever loved and anyone who’s ever lost that love and wondered where did we go wrong.

The book also has a number of great movie recommendations throughout the story and at the end as well and lastly, I’d like to thank Usborne for sending me a copy of this amazing book for review.

Thank you so much for reading my review guys, I really appreciate it. Please be sure to share your thoughts or comments below, I’d love to read them. Cheers. Xoxo

Introduction 2.0

Hi, my name is Sarah and I happen to be a bookish lazy person who doesn’t like commitment too much – which is why I let my blog of almost 2 years go by without any updates for months.

But with this fresh start, I’m hoping I can change that and actually manage to juggle my responsibilities and hobbies.

If you’re an old subscriber to my blog, kudos to you for still following me and supporting me along the way. And if you’re a new follower or just came across my page for the first time, I hope I haven’t scared you off yet.

I shall be posting about various things on my blog ranging from book reviews/recommendations to just general my-life-sucks-so-I-hope-you-can-relate type of blog updates to just my basic love for movies or photography. I hope that you enjoy what I put out here and look forward to future updates. I’ll try my best to deliver.

And with that, I’ll be leaving you for now with a rainy photo to kick off my blog (again) in this cool and crispy weather. Btw, if you don’t appreciate rain, we can’t be friends.